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2018 Winter Solstice Winners


  1. "Some suggestions you might use if you write about the blues" by Joe Gordon

  2. "The Prize" by Marie Tollstrup

  3. "On to the Moon" by Russell Estlack

Honorable Mention: “Farewell Season” by Marie Tollstrup​


  1. "Essays on Art" by Denis Feehan

  2. "The Florida Mt Flume" by Krystal Anderson

  3. "The 'Oh My' Christmas Surprise" by Marilyn Richardson

Honorable Mention: "Domingo's December" by Julie Walton


  1. “No Time Like the Present” by Denis Feehan

  2. “Ruminations” by Denis Feehan

  3. “I Remember” Sue Leth

Honorable Mention: “Farewell Season” by Marie Tollstrup

Congratulations Winners!

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