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Using Reflective Writing Across Genres

Darren M. Edwards will present “Using Reflective Writing Across Genres” at the monthly Heritage Writers Guild meeting Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017 6:30 p.m. at the St. George Library. Darren is a published author and poet, a man of many talents and will challenge us to ask questions, search for meaning and explore new ideas in our writing.

“Darren M. Edwards believes that good writing knows no genre. His work spans from poetry and creative nonfiction to short stories and speculative fiction. He has had individual essays and poems published in a variety of places ranging from rock climbing magazines to university literary journals and several of his poems have been anthologized.

"His first book, “Utah Sport Climbing: Stories and Reflections on the Bolting of the Beehive State” is forthcoming from The History Press early this year. After graduating with a degree in English from Utah State University, Darren spent seven years teaching college English courses including composition, creative writing, world literature, and publication production. Currently, Darren is working as the managing editor for The Southern Utah Independent.”

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